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Distraction and writing procrastination


When I’m sat trying to relax in the evening, I’m good with distraction and procrastination. With the knowledge that I should be writing, it feels like  a fail when I can’t write.

I think there are times when we need to take a break. Though these last few weeks I feel I’ve taken more breaks from writing, then actual writing.

Life does get in the way, maybe it is meant to.  As a mum of two, trying to run the household life can be exhausting.  Where is the time to write? When is the time to relax?


After reading some reviews I bought my children puzzles for Christmas. These were not their only present, but for some reason I thought they were a good idea.  It seems that some eight year old children enjoy completing 1000 piece puzzles.  Mine said “wow, so many small pieces” and then watched me build them.

So, here I am, two weeks in and the Disney Princess has pieces  missing, yes, I have searched my daughter’s room and the lounge where it was made.  I’ve now emailed the manufacturer.  I really do not want to have to destroy and then rebuild it.  This is the first big puzzle I have put together in years.

However, puzzle building has been a break from writing, or has it just been a good distraction?

Disney Princess puzzle


Yes, I am easily distracted.  There are things I should be doing but they are not getting done. Looking around me, I need to tidy again.  Most of the stuff belongs to the children.

How do you get a child to tidy?  Threats don’t work and bribery doesn’t work.  I’ve tried everything.  The windowsill in our lounge seems to have become her art studio.   One day I will repaint it, but for now it’s covered in pen that I can’t remove.

The washing is once more dancing around the washing machine and I’m thinking about clothes that need putting away.  My daughter can get them out and throw them around her room, but folding them neatly and placing them back in her drawers, she will refuse.

A few nights ago, she went to sleep late after tidying her room.  This proves that she can tidy, but it’s when she chooses to.

I keep reading that parenting teenagers is harder than parenting smaller children.  I visited a house yesterday with a toddler. Her attitude reminded me of my six-year-old.  Are girls harder than boys?  My daughter knows what she wants and will put up a fight till she gets it. I hope that her feisty determination does continue, however I’m not looking forward to the feisty determined teenager.  “Yes, mum I am dying my hair purple and yes I am wearing this skirt”. I see battles and arguments ahead.

Pretty Notebooks and stationary

My distraction and procrastination led me this morning to look at pretty stationary.  Do I need to keep an A6 notebook in my car? Just in case I get a good writing idea. I stood for ages trying to decide.  Taken in by how pretty it was.  I finally put it down and asked myself, how often do I get good ideas when I’m driving?  In the past I have texted myself ideas.  This has worked, so do I need a new notebook? Answer, no.

A few nights ago, browsing Amazon, I saw a pretty A4 pink hard back notebook that I really had to have.  Will I use it as I plan too?  I’m not sure.  It might join my other pretty A5 notebook.  It sits by my bed, I haven’t written in it in weeks.

Why am I not using my notebook?

A good question.  I’m led again by distraction, my children, life.  I’m tired and I love my bed. After the end of the day the television shouts at me to just turn off my brain. Sometimes I battle with myself to turn on my lap top.  There are nights I will open the document and just stare, not knowing what to write. Does anyone else do this? I have the intention to write and then don’t.

I might also cuddle my pretty note book and pen, and an hour later find I have written nothing.

Does anyone else have these issues? Trying to write, but so distracted by life around you and your own exhaustion that no writing happens?  Just continuing to procrastinate.

Future planning

I decided last week that I need to plan my topics for this blog in advance.  I am struggling to do this.  I’m not an expert at anything.  I’m just a mum trying to write.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

My other blog (Just muddling through life) has my fiction writing and poetry.   I could write about my characters in my novel, but I’m a long way from finishing it.  By the time I’ve redrafted it for the last time, my characters will have changed and developed.  I’m still working on the logistics of my time machine.  One day I might write a post on that, but I have research to do first.

I’m now going to get some food. I’ve been enjoying my alone time this morning and all too soon I will need to collect the children. All to soon this house will be noisy and the children will be generating more mess.  Maybe by writing I am procrastinating on the inevitable need to tidy, again. All part of the fun and challenge of being a mum.

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  • Amy L Blair

    Oh Marian! I am in the same boat. I still feel I have a ton of ideas though but I struggle. I struggle because I have about an hour and a half each day during the toddler’s nap time to make calls, read emails, try to stay somewhat relevant on social media, read and learn. At the end of the day I turn on the junk reality tv and am done with everyone and everything and I’m so tired. I know when she goes to school and I have a quiet house all day I can get more done. However, that doesn’t help me now. I have been desperate trying to figure out a way to make money at this writing thing. The husband has mentioned going to work a couple times so I would rather freelance write to help our income more than anything else but again…where’s the time.
    I hope that you never stop. I love reading your stuff. Try not to feel guilty for your breaks or they won’t help you at all. So much pressure!

    • Marian Wood

      Thankyou for your kind words. I wonder sometimes if I’m writing nonsense, your words are very supportive.
      Yes time really is a struggle, I’m now sat here in front of the tv, feet up in the recliner and the kids are refusing to go to sleep.
      I’ve considered freelance writing but I haven’t got the confidence to try. Your writing is good! Might be worth a try to see what happens.. I think time is always going to be a struggle! Yes there is certainly alot of pressure!

  • ellenbest24

    I procrastinate from my manuscript, on my blog, or playing online scrabble. I have pretty, for looking at notebooks, and cheap ones for using. This anomaly, ( after quite considerable thought) maybe that subconsciously I think my notes not good enough, for the best inspirational ( for looking at) notebooks. Maybe I feel they would be soiled with my ugly writing and dark ideas?

    • Marian Wood

      I’m already doing prompts three times a month and something else.. trying to post evety Friday. It’s this blog I seem to struggle more with because the prompts don’t fit. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply.

  • jennybhatia

    I agree. One blog is a lot of work a lots of time. We all get distracted with life things. It’s normal. And reality. This year, a goal for me was to stay ahead. And so far, so good. And by ahead, I mean by 1-2 weeks, not 1-2 months. I’m not that organized. And the topic of teens, well I have two, the challenges change. Some are easier and some are more difficult. The thing that I struggle with the most is my daughter’s strive for independence. I’m just not ready. But, I need to give her the space to grow. Ugh. It’s a challenge.

    • Marian Wood

      Wow, you’re doing well to be ahead. I’m writing the day I post,. Yes it is alot of work!
      My 6 year old tries to be independent now.. very hard work, rarely does as she’s told. I dread the teenage years.. and yes it certainly is a challenge to give them space!

  • Dee | Grammy's Grid

    In the world we live in it’s so easy to get distracted. As for children, raising teens is much harder!! And laundry, where does it all come from? There’s only 2 of us here in the house!!

    • Marian Wood

      My 6 year old is forever changing her clothes.. I then don’t know what is dirty and what’s clean. I’m finding my 6 and 8 year old hard enough right now.. my daughter is going to be a diffucult teenager.. Yes life can be very busy!

Your comments are appreciated